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CNSystems received the “Staatspreis für Innovation” (“National Award for Innovation”) in 2002

Skrabal gave the names CNSystems for “Cardiovascular and Neural Systems” and “The Brain and Heart Company”.
TaSk ForceTM–Monitor contains the initials of the founders and stands for the mobile power to detect all haemodynamic disturbances.

Rupert Gruellenberger, Alexander Hacker, Walter Habenbacher and later Arnulf Heller also belonged to the initial nucleus team to develop the hardware and software of TaSk ForceTM–Monitor.
The Task Force Monitor is internationally now the standard equipment for the non-invasive assessment of short term haemodynamic regulation and also for the evaluation of syncope.

Founding of CNSystems (together with J Fortin and P Moser) to develop the successor model of the “Haemodynamic Tower”, the Task ForceTM Monitor.

Development of the “Haemodynamic Tower”, a monitoring system for the beat to beat analysis of complete haemodynamics, including blood pressure, stroke volume, peripheral resistance, sympathetic and parasympathetic drive and of baroreceptor reflex sensitivity (together with Dr. Karin Grasenick and Josef Schönegger).

Development of the AdrenosondeTM for the immediate diagnosis of hyperaldosteronism and adrenocortical insufficieny.

Development of a new test for the diagnosis of hyperaldosteronism and adrenocortical insufficiency based on “subtraction PD”. This test is based on the subtraction of the PD of a mucosal membrane not equipped with mineralocorticoid receptors from the transmucosal PD of a steroid responsive mucosa. The method allows the bedside diagnosis of the two above conditions.

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